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Smugglers Cove

January 13, 2016      In Find the clues 5 Comments

Smuggles cove was know by only a few to stash some treasure and spend some too. The cove served grog and a hearty meal but it was a buxom wench that had the appeal. Sindy was said to have a gift which caused many a sailor to go adrift but below the pleasures of the bold laid a bounty of treasure and gold.

The cove has seen better a day reduced to rubble and fallen away but there below amongst the wood n glass remains a link to the past. Three hundred years have past them by but treasure is timeless for you and I. A cryptic tale of to and fro will set the scene for all to know.

Our story begins at a this table an unlikely start for this fable. Here is my story as it unfolds it’s a live action thriller yet to be told, there will be risk there will be ruin but you have to admit is really worth doin.

5 Comments so far:

  1. Skipper says:

    I like the concept, and have something similar in mind in Portugal.

    The treasure is really the place.

    • Profile photo of captain captain says:

      Hi Helena,
      Portugal nice. I’ve never been there but it has a good maritime heritage, certainly worthy of a good treasure map story. I’ve started an app for but there is a lot of work in these things… I’ll get there one day. Happy to chat if you want to share some ideas… Tourism is a part of it but fun is the main focus..

  2. Skipper says:

    Here is a Pirate Music

    Ill send you my treasure map if you like ? Send me your email address

    • Profile photo of captain captain says:

      Hi Helena / Skipper,

      Thank you for that however I am apprehensive to view your map unless it is public as we have ones as well and I would not like you to think we copied you (assuming it was similar)…
      Are you in tourism?

  3. Skipper says:

    Hello Captain,

    No I just do the maps for fun, basically they are maps of places Ive been to and have certain appeal to me. I came across your site because I wanted a web page called and it was already taken…. Anyways created a site called and again its just something I enjoy doing. Best of luck with your game if you ever decide to visit Portugal send me a mail and Ill send you the map for you to have fun discovering an interesting historical treasure…..By the way I love the way you use rhyme in your game. All the best.

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